[How to eat papaya pear]_Pear_How to eat

[How to eat papaya pear]_Pear_How to eat

Although the fruit of papaya is relatively sour when eaten directly, it has high nutritional value and strong health care. After special treatment, papaya can be made into beverages, papaya candied fruit, papaya fruit wine, etc. It is worth mentioning that papaya has veryGood cosmetic effect, combined with the pear, the taste will be covered up, which is a very good way to eat.

So, how to eat papaya pear?

Let’s take a look below.

Sydney papaya stewed rock candy is a delicious and famous place, which belongs to Guangdong Province.

This stew has the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing beauty, and can be described as a nourishing woman’s soup.

Suitable for autumn and winter seasons.

Conventional materials: 50 grams of Sydney meat, 100 grams of cooked papaya meat, and 20 grams of rock sugarCold water, stew with water for 1 hour.

The nutritional value of papaya, also known as mango fruit, is one of the four famous fruits in Lingnan, known as “Lingnan Fruit King”.

Papaya originated in Mexico and entered China in the 17th century. It is now cultivated in all parts of Guangdong, with the most concentrated in the suburbs of Guangzhou.

Papaya is an evergreen softwood tree of the papaya family. It is called the “three tropical herb fruits” with bananas and pineapples.

The high-quality varieties produced in Guangzhou include Lingnan species, spike red, and Thai red meat. Lingnan species are the best.

Its fruit shape is round and full, with few fleshy seeds and osmanthus fragrance.

The papaya fruit is huge, its weight is one or two kilograms, and the large one can reach six or seven kilograms.

The fruit is fresh and has better taste and rich nutrition. It can also be stewed. Stewed papaya with crystal sugar can clear the heart and lungs, and treat laryngitis and other diseases. Immature papaya can be sugared and eaten as a vegetable soup.”Papaya” and so on.

Papaya dietary effect1, spleen and digestion: papain in papaya can be traced down into fatty acids; it is found in medicine that papaya contains an enzyme that can digest protein, which is beneficial for the body to digest and absorb food.Spleen digestion.

2. Anti-epidemic and Pesticide: Papaya and papain have anti-tuberculosis and parasites such as roundworm, roundworm, whipworm, amoeba, etc., so they can be used for insecticide and anti-worm.

3. Breast-feeding and anti-cancer: Papaya has the effect of milk-feeding. Papaya has the function of resisting lymphocytic leukemia, so it can be used for breast-feeding and treating lymphocytic leukemia (blood cancer).

4. Supplement nutrition and improve disease resistance: Papaya contains a large amount of water, protein, protein, trace amounts, multivitamins and various essential amino acids, which can effectively supplement human nutrients and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

5. Anti-hypertensive: Papaya contained in papaya pulp can relieve headache and pain, and has obvious therapeutic effect on preventing gastrocnemius spasm.

Sydney pear, alias Sydney, Ya pear, white pear, yellow pear, fast fruit, fruit sect, jade milk, honey father, Nanguo pear.

It is the fruit of Rosaceae white pear or sand pear.

Mainly produced in Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning and other places.

It is wild, but the artificial cultivation area accounts for about half of the country. Grafting is generally used.

There are about 7,000 varieties of pears in the world, and about 3,500 varieties in China, which can be divided into four major systems: Qiuzi Pear System, White Pear System, Sand Pear System and Western Pear System; the main varieties are: Nanguo Pear, Yali, Ci Pear (Ci Pear), Qiubai Pear, Crisp Pear, Apple Pear, Korla Fragrant Pear, Jinchuan Snow Pear, Jinfeng Pear, etc.

“Suddenly like a night of spring, thousands of trees and pears bloom.” Pear trees have white flowers and the fruits are juicy. They are both edible and medicinal.

Pear has strong aroma, thin skin, crispy and refreshing, and bright color. It has not only nutritional value, but also medicinal properties.The “rotten” effect is known in the international market as “Chinese honey pear”, “pear in treasure”, and “prince in fruit”.

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