[Can you eat mango after drinking beer?

]_After drinking_Can you eat

[Can you eat mango after drinking beer?
]_After drinking_Can you eat

Mango is a very famous tropical fruit. During the ripening season of mango, the yield is very large and the price is not expensive. At this time, the mango tastes very delicious and its nutritional value is very high. Mango is rich in protein and crude fiber., Especially rich in vitamin a, so it is good to eat some mangoes often, many people often drink beer in life, then can I eat mango after drinking beer?

Can I eat mango after drinking beer?
Do not eat mango while drinking, because eating mango at this time will be more susceptible to allergies, especially after eating, it is best not to eat mango, otherwise it is likely to cause yellowing disease in the human body, and the yellowing disease itself will flow.Sweat will also turn yellow. This is due to the relatively high content of lutein in mango. Although it is good to eat a little mango, it needs to be eaten before drinking. Do n’t eat more because of the good taste of mango.It is also bad for the kidneys. In addition, eating more mangoes is easier to get angry.

Mango has a very high nutritional value. It consumes vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, mangiferone and other nutrients. Eating mango often can reduce cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and moisturize the skin.

Postpartum constipation is one of the common postpartum diseases. Mango is also rich in supplemental fiber, which can promote peristalsis, help defecation, and relieve postpartum constipation.

Will eating mango get angry? It depends on the attributes of mango and personal fitness.

Chinese medicine believes that the attributes of food are not only divided into four categories: hot, humid, cold, and dry, but most of them are mixed, that is, dry and hot, damp and hot, damp and cold, and dry and cold, and the attributes have different degrees of strength.

In Chinese medicine, mango has a sweet and sour taste, is cool and non-toxic, has the functions of clearing away heat and promoting fluids, quenching thirst and diuretic, and strengthening stomach and vomiting.

Most people do n’t get angry if they eat it in moderation, but it ‘s not advisable to eat a lot of mango, otherwise the skin will turn yellow, which will cause diabetes to be easily damaged.

Avoid eating spicy foods such as garlic while eating mango to avoid skin yellowing.

At the same time, mangoes are moist and poisonous. People with a hot and humid constitution will get angry if they eat. If you have skin diseases or tumors, you should remember to avoid eating them.

In addition, people with allergies should eat mango with caution, and wash away the mango juice and meat left on the skin around the lips in time to avoid allergic reactions.

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