[Do you eat walnuts to diarrhea]_ walnuts _ diarrhea _ walnuts

[Do you eat walnuts to diarrhea]_ walnuts _ diarrhea _ walnuts

Walnut is one of the world’s four major dried fruits. It is sure that it is rich in nutrition. Children eat walnuts to supplement their brains. Generally, eating walnuts will not diarrhea, so it is eaten in moderation.

Walnuts are known as longevity fruits. Although nutritious, they should not be eaten too much to avoid accidents.


Eating walnuts will not make you diarrhea. Eating walnuts will not make you diarrhea, and it won’t get angry. Walnuts have a mild temperature and a bitter taste. The kidneys, the lungs, and the large intestine meridian can help ward off colds and improve constipation.First, eating walnuts won’t diarrhea.


Why Some People Eat Walnuts Can Have Diarrhea Although they say that eating walnuts won’t have diarrhea, many people report that they have diarrhea after eating walnuts, for two reasons.

One may be eating too much. Walnuts are rich in a large amount of oil, which has a laxative effect. If eaten in large quantities, it will increase the slippery itself and cause diarrhea.

The second reason may be that people who eat walnuts have a more sensitive and weak stomach, and eating more oils such as walnuts has increased the burden on the stomach and diarrhea.


It is best to eat a few walnuts a day. Generally speaking, eat more walnut meal. Although walnuts have high nutritional value, they should not be eaten in large quantities within a day. The weight of walnuts should be about 20-40 grams per day, which is equivalent to 4-Five walnuts can be eaten in the morning and afternoon. If you eat more, there is a slight risk of accumulation, and you may get angry or diarrhea.


The nutritional value of walnuts. Walnuts are rich in nutrients. Each 100 grams of walnuts contain 15-20 grams of protein, and the trace content is 62 grams. However, 86% of them are unsaturated fatty acids. Walnuts also contain copper, magnesium, and vitamin B6.Folic acid and vitamin B1, etc., eating walnuts can reduce the absorption of free radicals to cholesterol, which is good for arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, etc. Walnuts also have lung moisturizing and asthma, prevent obesity, improve memory, and delay aging.

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