[How to make and eat flat fish is easy?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to make and eat flat fish is easy?
】 _How to do_Homely

The flat fish looks different from other common fishes, and it does not have a certain upper feeling like catfish and carp. It is like a mirror, which is particularly attractive.

In life, eating flat fish can bring a lot of benefits to the body, and even help people suffer from diseases.

It’s just that many friends are new to flat fish and don’t know how to cook.

So, how to make and eat flat fish is simple?

Practice steps Swipe diagonally with a knife on the carp’s body, really taste!

The fish must be freshly slaughtered, and the death time of the fish should not exceed 2 hours. The vegetables burned out from this ingredient are very fresh and delicious.

First add the fish to boiling water for a while. The high-temperature boiling water can deodorize the fish and add sterilization effect. The fish does not need to be in the boiling water for too long, only 30 seconds to one minute.

Then put the fish out and place in a plate.

Then pour a small amount of edible oil into the pot. In a low-fire state, wait until the oil temperature becomes high. Fry the catfish in the pot.

At this time, add water to the pot, do not add too much water, the water just covers the fish.

Add ginger garlic, vinegar and cooking wine, and add these two seasonings to remove the fishy smell!

Wait until the water is dry and the catfish is cooked.

Add salt and various spices and stir fry a few times.

Turn off the fire!

Then change the pot again and cut the green and red peppers, cut into the shape of crushed flowers, stir fry on high heat, add starch, and then add various spices to make a green and red pepper juice.

At the end, put the sturgeon out of the pot, add it to the plate, and pour the green and red pepper sauce on the sturgeon.

Use two pots so as not to affect the color of the green and red peppers.

Then pour the green and red pepper juice on the carp, pay attention to the beauty of the juice.

Sprinkle some green onions!

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